VIZIO M401i-A3 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTV

VIZIO M401i-A3 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz - The all-new M-Series 40" (40.0" diag.) Razor LED Smart TV has arrived with an ultra-modern design, brilliant picture quality, and a new, faster VIZIO Internet Apps Plus experience. Give any room an easy "designer home" makeover with the signature design of the M-Series, featuring an ultra-thin bezel that virtually vanishes next to the nearly edge-to-edge display. Enjoy stunning picture quality with the latest technology: Razor LED with Smart Dimming for vivid colors and deep contrast, Full HD 1080p and 120Hz effective refresh rate with backlight scanning for the sharpest possible picture. Now with the new, faster VIZIO Internet Apps Plus Smart TV experience, get connected with built-in Wi-Fi to the latest hit movies, TV shows, music and more from favorites like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, M-Go, HuluPlus, and Pandora. VIZIO M-Series: It's the must-have entertainment upgrade you've been waiting for.

VIZIO M401i-A3 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz Product Details :
  • VIZIO Internet Apps Plus -Instantly enjoy the latest hit movies, TV shows, music and even more apps made for the big screen
  • Razor LED with Smart Dimming for a more vibrant picture with deeper contrast -all in an ultra-thin design
  • Built-in Wi-Fi -easily connect to the Internet with ultra fast wireless
  • M-Series Signature Design -Give your room a designer upgrade with the M-Series razor thin, near borderless signature design
  • 120Hz effective refresh rate enhanced with backlight scanning -Enjoy clear fast action scenes

VIZIO M401i-A3 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz Reviews :

Sweet TV
I got a great deal through Amazon Prime that beat getting this from Costco by quite a bit. The shipping company (Pilot) did a great job delivering the TV on time and bringing it all the way to the basement of my house where they opened it up and plugged it in. i checked the TV over for damange and found none. I opted to keep the packaging. They test the TV upright in the box it came in, so you'll be installing the stand and putting it in its final resting place on your own.

Initially the TV was overwhelmingly big and gave me a headache. I was very concerned that I had ordered a TV that was too big. Happily within about 4 days I got used to it and now enjoy the really big screen. I sit about 12 feet from it and enjoy the big picture. Do yourself a HUGE favor and check the review here where someone lists the settings he found on an AV forum to tune your TV's video settings. The settings that the TV is set to when it arrives are terrible. The settings are so bad, that you'll be very concerned about the quality of the TV. I found the video settings on a review here and it did MAGIC to how the TV display works. Add in about 10-15 hours of "burn in" time for the TV and the TV just gets better and better and better. The sharepness and HD for such a huge TV is awesome. Vizio packed an amazing amount of value into this set. Again, give your eyes a few days to get used to this size TV, and go to the review here that shows the right picture settings and you'll be SO HAPPY! The audio quality is pretty decent though I'll be getting a separate home theater sound system for this TV.

Great Picture with Exceptional Sound
This TV is a very nice set (M321I-A2), it has a perfect image and the sound quality is pretty good, except for bass which is to be expected, compared to other similar sets. If you get this from Sam's Club you can get it for only $374.48, that's including 7% sales tax! I love the 3 HDMI ports, they provide more than enough for all of my devices. Very easy to setup and get going, and it is very light weight so it is very easy to move around if you see the need. The only problem I had, which I think was case specific, was that the TV would not detect the signal my PC was giving it, very quick fix with overriding EDID from the registry. I noticed when the background of a movie was black and any color of title appeared over the black, i could see from the left side of the screen a ray of light, this is kind of expected from an edge lit, but this is definitely tolerable.

Overall this TV is the best bang for the buck with all the features it has: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Instant Video, and many Yahoo services.

Great TV -- if you have remote problems here's how to fix from Vizio
Great picture; phenomenal TV. Really it will come down to the remote.

As many people have said, the remote has intermittent problems. Sometimes it would work, a few minutes later it would stop, and then start again. I had it too, it drove me nuts. I suspect there could be more than one reason, however, my reason was fixed very quickly from Vizio customer support. It's below if it helps you.

Here's what they told me about fixing remote issues....
"I would recommend performing a power cycle on your remote. Please follow the steps in this order:

1. Manually turn on the TV. (the Square button on the back of the TV)
2. Bring the remote close to the TV and point it at the lower left-hand side when facing the TV.
3. With the remote in hand, simultaneously press the Forward >> button and the Enter button for roughly 10-12 seconds. You will know it is complete when the backlight of the remote turns off.
4. Release the two keys.
5. Press the Power on button key on the remote control to test if it is properly working.

If the only buttons not responding are at the channel up and down, please perform a channel scan to refresh your listings and restore remote functionality."

Stunning 3D Picture. Easy to use Internet Apps. A Real Find!
I was looking for a larger TV to replace a 55" Vizio from 2007 that died. I have always liked Vizios because of their balance of features, quality and a good price. So, I was only looking to find a 70" tv and this fit the bill. Easily got it mounted using my existing mount, and hooked it up to my entertainment system -- Denon AV receiver, game system, Roku, Apple TV and a Blu-Ray DVD player. When I ordered this, I noticed a really good price on a Sony Blu-Ray 3D player at Amazon and ordered that too. For kicks I ordered a recently released movie in 3D, G.I. Joe Retaliation.

I was blown away by the 3D. It was terrific. So, the 3D feature that I was only so-so on turned out to be great and I've ordered a few more 3D blu-rays to enjoy. The tv picture itself is very clear and crisp. Fast action scenes do not show any ghosting. I have a Direct TV HD Genie system running to it and the HD shows, movies and sports look incredible on this screen. Set up was a snap and simply required plugging in my networks access information and then everything worked. Can easily access instant videos and my Amazon movie list, which is also a nice feature.

Bottom line: I highly recommend this tv. As a matter of fact, I liked this tv so much (it has a very nice, modern minimalist frame and stance), that I ordered its smaller brother (50") for my bedroom. About the only negative is that there really are no buttons on the tv -- everything is controlled through the remote. There is a special on/off button on the back, but it isn't placed where you can easily access it. But, I have enough universal remotes that I have it keyed over to a few of them, so that wasn't much of a negative for me. Delivery from was fast and easy. The delivery guys unboxed it and came when they said they would.

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